U.S. Backlash to Immigration

There are so many issues regarding immigration in the U.S. Trends of prejudice and oppression, both on individual levels and legal levels, have been consistent throughout the history of this country. From the western European settlers that believed they were the rightful owners and founders in this new country, to Mexicans coming to this land, each group turns to the groups following them in hopes to divert the attention off of them.

Immigrants have not come to an incredibly welcome land. They are faced with the reality of the situations in the U.S. While they are told about all the prosperity and achievement in America, they do not realize that that greatness is not really offered to them. This may be a far-fetched claim; but while shifting through primary resources about Puerto Ricans experiences in America, I came across a reference to West Side Story. The Puerto Ricans (I can’t remember if they were the Jets or the Sharks) sing about their varying views of their new home in America. The men are thrown into the real world, scrambling to find any opportunities to face their families. However, the women still see the glorious façade of the opportunities and dreams. The men see immigrants situations more clearly. They realize that the opportunities in the work force are completely biased towards white men, not Puerto Ricans or other immigrants. Much is the same for many immigrants. They were given the scraps.

However, talking about the inequalities between job opportunities does not completely cover all the backlash to immigration. There have been numerous acts and laws put into place in order to block many groups of people from being allowed into this country. In my opinion, with the new political situation being a reality now, there will be more acts that will target specific groups of people from coming to this country. Personally, I disagree with the actions of keeping certain groups of people out of this country. The amount that immigrants have done to help this country is amazing, they truly built the country we are today. Immigrants are what makes this country so unique, it is the melting pot and mixing of cultures. It is beautiful really.

This can relate back to one article we read in class that discussed the differences between globalism and nationalism. While I do not think there is anything wrong with nationalism (I am in fact very proud of this country, and I do love most parts about it), I also think globalism is essential. I agree that nationalism, or patriotism, in this country has lost it’s true meaning. I agree that it has become less about being proud to be an American, and instead fearing the different and non-American. People fear difference so much, particularly because it can be hard to digest or understand.

I don’t think there is an American culture. I don’t think you could necessarily compare something to something “American”, because that could mean so many different things. There are so many different cultures and aspects you would need to consider that have made up a sort of American trend. If you could decipher an American culture, for example rap, it would be less American than a descendant from Africans. I believe that because America is so diverse, that is all the more reason to become more involved in the world. America is actually at an incredible advantage that way because we have so many nationalities represented in our country. To me that is all the more reason to connect with other countries and work with them.


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